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ACCO Binder Clips, Large, 1 Box, 12 Clips/Box (72100)

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Organize Your Documents with ACCO Binder Clips

About the Product

When it comes to organizing, few things are as useful as a sturdy, reliable binder clip. The ACCO Binder Clips, Large, 1 Box, 12 Clips/Box (72100) are the perfect solution for the cluttered home or office. With a durable construction, these clips are designed to last, giving you the peace of mind that your important documents will remain safe and secure.

Why Choose ACCO Binder Clips?

ACCO is a globally recognized brand, known for its quality stationery products. The ACCO Binder Clips are no exception, offering the following benefits:

Durable Design

The binder clips are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. The powerful holding capacity ensures that your documents remain secure, and the sturdy construction prevents the clips from bending or breaking, even after extended use.

Large Size

The large size of these binder clips makes them ideal for organizing thicker stacks of paper, including reports, presentations, and legal documents. Each box contains 12 clips, so you can easily keep a supply on hand for whenever you need them.

Easy to Use

The simple design of ACCO Binder Clips makes them very easy to use. Simply pinch the handles to open the clip, and release to secure your documents. The smooth, easy-grip handles make it comfortable to use the clips for extended periods.

Friendly to the Environment

ACCO is committed to sustainability, which is why these binder clips are made with eco-friendly materials. The clips are recyclable, helping to reduce waste and minimize the impact on the environment.

How to Use ACCO Binder Clips

The ACCO Binder Clips are designed to make document organization a breeze. Here are a few tips on how to use them:

Use Them to Secure Loose Papers

If you have a stack of loose papers that need to be organized, simply clip them together with an ACCO Binder Clip. The clip will keep the papers in place, preventing them from getting lost or mixed up with other documents.

Organize Your Files

Use the binder clips to keep folders and files organized. The large size of these clips makes them ideal for securing thicker stacks of paper, so you can easily clip together multiple pages of a report or presentation.

Keep Cords and Cables Organized

Binder clips can also be used to organize cords and cables around your desk. Simply clip the cords together, and you’ll be able to keep them tidy and free from tangles.

Buy Now and Get Organized!

If you’re tired of living and working in clutter, then it’s time to invest in a set of ACCO Binder Clips. With their durable construction, easy-to-use design, and eco-friendly materials, these clips are the perfect solution for keeping your documents organized. So why wait? Buy now and get ready to enjoy a clutter-free life!

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