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chip bag clip Covered with Silicone

chip bag clipchip bag clipchip bag clip

HOUSE AGAIN 12 Pack chip bag clip Covered with Silicone: Keep Your Food Fresh and Organized

NO More Sharp Edges chip bag clip

with chip bag clip Say goodbye to sharp edges that can damage your bags or even hurt your hands when sealing your food bags. With the HOUSE AGAIN 12 Pack Chip Bag Clips, you get a safer and more convenient way to keep your snacks, cereals, and other food items fresh and organized.

Unlike other chip bag clip that have steel teeth, HOUSE AGAIN chip bag clips are covered with silicone for a smooth, snag-free seal. The silicone also ensures that the clip won’t slip or slide off the bag, keeping your food fresh for longer.

Color Coded for Food Bags

The HOUSE AGAIN chip bag clip, each with a different color. The colors make it easy to identify which clip goes with which bag, making it a breeze to keep your pantry or fridge organized. No more guessing or rummaging around for the right clip!

Air Tight Seal

The problem with traditional bag clips is that they sometimes leave gaps between the bag and the clip, which can let air in and cause your food to go stale. With the HOUSE AGAIN chip bag clips, you get an air-tight seal that keeps your food fresh for longer.

The heavy-duty, 3-inch wide clips have a strong spring that ensures a tight seal each time, while the silicone coating prevents air from seeping in. Whether you’re storing chips, snacks, or cereal, these clip will keep your food fresh and crunchy.

Heavy Duty chip bag clip

The HOUSE AGAIN chip bag clips are built to last. Made from premium materials, they are strong and durable enough to withstand daily use without breaking or losing their grip.

Whether you use them in the kitchen, office, or on-the-go, these clips will hold up under any circumstance. The strong spring and sturdy construction mean you can use them again and again without worry.


If you’re tired of struggling with outdated chip bag clip that leave sharp edges or don’t seal tightly enough, it’s time to upgrade to the HOUSE AGAIN 12 Pack Chip Bag Clips Covered with Silicone. With smooth, silicone-covered teeth, color coding, and a tight seal, these clips are the perfect solution for keeping your food fresh and organized. Try them today and see the difference for yourself!

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